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Wound Care Services

How Tri-Tech Health's wound care services are are different

Tri-Tech’s Wound Care Services integrate:
  • Live video clinical collaboration.
  • Enhanced Wound Management Software.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Comprehensive formulary of advanced wound healing products.


The software Tri-Tech Health employs is comprised of evidence-based wound treatment algorithms used in an innovative manner that assures accurate information and documentation. Certified wound nurses in our Telehealth center utilize the software in real-time to assist in the assessment and treatment of patients by specially trained clinicians at the patient's location. Additionally, the software provides a database system that documents and tracks the characteristics of the wound, captures digital images, and then helps clinicians formulate a treatment plan and select the most appropriate type of dressing to be placed on the wound. This system significantly reduces risk exposure for providers, health plans, and facilities because the standard of care is always met. The quality of care and wound healing times are unsurpassed in the industry.